Painting With Paint

This is what my wife showed me when I just reached home yesterday. She made this painting using MS. Paint. You can find other painting at

Have fun..

Adek Sekolah With Paint


Sebelas Maret University: Why You Remove The English Version of Your Web?

A friend of mine who is a lecturer at Sebelas Maret University (UNS) and currently is studiying at Japan found a difficulties to find the “English Version” of UNS website because they had launch the newer version of it. He needed the “English Version” of the web, to create a proposal for his current university to longer the cooperation with UNS. He prefered to have the file by only saving from the web rather than he had to wait the printed version posted from Indonesia.

Me as a member of the team who developed the earlier version which is billingual offered him a help by digging the website path by path, but still had no result. Fortunately, I remembered that as a team I also developed the web on my PC and an archive for it. Even I had to setup a server first (the web was written in PHP, so I needed a PHP server), the web finally can be onlined locally therefore I could save the English version and emailed to him. I wish that it is like what he wants.

I am a little bit upset with the current version of UNS website. They remove the bilingual feature. Some of the contents are still the same with the previous one, then why they didn’t do copy and paste to the new one? 👿
They never realize by having a multilingual website (or at least has an English version) can help foreign visitors to learn about the university and it’s offered services.

It will be a silly reason if they do not have a bilingual website because of they have no translator. They can ask UNS Languange Center (UPTP2B) to translate it. In developing the previous website, the team used their services only just by giving them the Bahasa version. I do not know whether or not it is still possible to do that again.

Owned by UNS, I think UPTP2B can give a free service on translating a web for the university. But wait a second.. the website of UPTP2B it self is still not fully billingual..

Then.. what am I talking about..

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Furniture Export Company, Go Online Now.. I mean it..

When I was working on my previous workplace (as a marketing manager), I wondered why they did not want to go online. I asked the director and his answers surprised me.. 😮

  1. We are not a trading company or buying agent, so we do not need a website. We prefer to display our products on an exhibition both local or international
  2. We are not doing retail. We only do export with minimum order on 20 feet container.
  3. We ever had a website (finally I realize that it was on geocities) and pay a lot but who sent us inquiries only from people who wanted to buy 1 or two pieces.
  4. We do not want our design stolen by our competitors.

I told the director and tried to convince him that website is important for his business but he had no interest. So I said to him with…

We should ask our competitors for their reasons for being online

Okay, these are what I want to tell.

  1. Even if you are not a trading company or buying agent, IMHO you still need to promote your products online.
    A website can make your products displayed 24 hours a day 7 days a week (24/7) and you can have everyone in any part of the world sees it. Can you exhibit 24/7 in an exhibition and make people from around the world see your products? I dont think so. You also need to pay a lot for the space in the exhibition.
    I agree for your decission to get buyers and let them see the real products. Make them touch your products. Make the feel how smooth is the furniture because of the proper sanding. But, will you bring all of your collection in the exhibition? No.
    Okay, you can give them catalogues, but what about if you have a new collection every month? Will you exhibit monthly? Will they visit you monthly?Having a website will help your buyers see whole of your products. You are no need to send your buyers CD or printed catalogues that will cost you much. Just email them, let them now the URL for the new products. Email takes only a few minutes to reach your buyers, airmail may takes days.
    Search engines can deliver potential buyers to you. Try this link and you might see your competitors there. Search engines like or will index your website to make it appear on search result related to the search keywords. Once you launch your website, search engine need times to index your site.
  2. You can just notice your visitor with (“Minimum order is on 20 feet container”)
  3. Were you “comparing apples with apples” when you hired the developer?
  4. There are so many web technology to provide a security for your design. There are also so many ways how your design can be stolen. Once you release your catalogues either printed or by CD, they become accessible for everyone. Even you do not release catalogues, someone can take a picture and steal your products.IMHO, the best why to protect your product design is “GET A PATENT FOR YOUR DESIGN“..

Want to make a website for your furniture company? Please check my services page.


I can not deny how birth is always amaze me.
When baby born safe and sound, i notice that:


  1. Will be growth by his/her parents
  2. Will be a teenager
  3. Will have a girl/boy-friend and might broken his/her girl/boy-friend’s heart.
  4. Will be a husband/wife for his wife/husband
  5. Will born babies and the babies will be like point 1)
  6. See.. there is a loop at number 5.. will continue loop until the end the world..
  7. Will be a grandfather/mother for his/her grandchildren
  8. Will do something to change the worlds
  9. Will invent something
  10. Will do anything to make you proud
  11. Will do anything to show you that he/she loves you
  12. Will tell you his/her “secret”
  13. Will realize that a secret must not be shared 😀
  14. Will tell you that he/she hate you
  15. Will tell you that he/she love you
  16. Will leave you…
  17. no matter how will always in your heart, will always in your life, will always your child..
  18. born in the world because you want him/her..
  19. …..
  20. …..
  21. …..


Buy 2 Lactamils and have the free CD

Me and my wife went to Luwes Gading (a local supermarket) yesterday to buy Lactamils (A nutrition for both pregnant or breast-feeding mother). While we were choosing some package which will give us a booklet (Yes, we want all the two series), we notice that if we buy two we also will got a free Video CD.

The waiter suddenly came to us and questioned my wife how many time she bought Lactamils before. That was the second one. The first one is because my wife only wanted to know whether or not she liked the milk. The waiter asked about her pregnancy, name, address and phone number and wrote them on a piece of paper ( she might want to report it to her manager.. or just a market survey.. i dunno). Then the waiter informed us on how to got the free VCD. It is easy. We just need to come back to the waiter and show the payment and will allow us to choose one from five and my wife choose VCD titled "Yoga for Therapy: Pregnancy".

We played the VCD this morning and had some Yoga position for pregnant mother and my wife started to follow the lesson. She must do this everyday..
Do you want to see the movie? How about if you buy the milks and choose differrent VCD and we have an exchange .. 😀 ..
If this VCDs are available until the next 3 months, I can have them all.. 🙂

Have a great day sweetheart..

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My first post on my first blog since my come back to the net

Hi there..

As you can see on the title, this is my first blog since my come back to the net. About two years ago, I resigned from my 1st workplace (Internet Service Center) at Sebelas Maret University and after that I only had a limited internet connection.
Since I need an internet connection to do my thesis, I used a volume based internet connection (Rp.5/kB) provided by mobile-8 with my Nokia 3105 – a CDMA phone. The connection is fast enough and I can choose different ISP to connect to the net therefore I can switch to other ISP if other has a bad connection.

It took days for me to launch this blog, because I had to choose between and Now, I am here. Yes. I prefer to use wordpress because there is a possibility for me to setup my own wordpress on my own server and I can export or import my blog. If next time I decide to host my blog, I just need to export from here and import to my new blog.

Now, talking about the blog title "IT, Translation and Pregnancy". Me and my wife will have our first baby and I want to make a log for this. Also I want to share any kind of information related to pregnancy and birth which I get from the Internet or from the doctor whom we are consulting now.