I can not deny how birth is always amaze me.
When baby born safe and sound, i notice that:


  1. Will be growth by his/her parents
  2. Will be a teenager
  3. Will have a girl/boy-friend and might broken his/her girl/boy-friend’s heart.
  4. Will be a husband/wife for his wife/husband
  5. Will born babies and the babies will be like point 1)
  6. See.. there is a loop at number 5.. will continue loop until the end the world..
  7. Will be a grandfather/mother for his/her grandchildren
  8. Will do something to change the worlds
  9. Will invent something
  10. Will do anything to make you proud
  11. Will do anything to show you that he/she loves you
  12. Will tell you his/her “secret”
  13. Will realize that a secret must not be shared 😀
  14. Will tell you that he/she hate you
  15. Will tell you that he/she love you
  16. Will leave you…
  17. no matter how will always in your heart, will always in your life, will always your child..
  18. born in the world because you want him/her..
  19. …..
  20. …..
  21. …..



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