Buy 2 Lactamils and have the free CD

Me and my wife went to Luwes Gading (a local supermarket) yesterday to buy Lactamils (A nutrition for both pregnant or breast-feeding mother). While we were choosing some package which will give us a booklet (Yes, we want all the two series), we notice that if we buy two we also will got a free Video CD.

The waiter suddenly came to us and questioned my wife how many time she bought Lactamils before. That was the second one. The first one is because my wife only wanted to know whether or not she liked the milk. The waiter asked about her pregnancy, name, address and phone number and wrote them on a piece of paper ( she might want to report it to her manager.. or just a market survey.. i dunno). Then the waiter informed us on how to got the free VCD. It is easy. We just need to come back to the waiter and show the payment and will allow us to choose one from five and my wife choose VCD titled "Yoga for Therapy: Pregnancy".

We played the VCD this morning and had some Yoga position for pregnant mother and my wife started to follow the lesson. She must do this everyday..
Do you want to see the movie? How about if you buy the milks and choose differrent VCD and we have an exchange .. 😀 ..
If this VCDs are available until the next 3 months, I can have them all.. 🙂

Have a great day sweetheart..

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3 Tanggapan to “Buy 2 Lactamils and have the free CD”

  1. Jauhari Says:

    Wah asik juga itu mas… bagus ndak isinya?

  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Bagus kok isinya. Yang jelas bonusnya bisa memberi edukasi pada yang mengkonsumsi.
    Bulan depan (oh, besok dah ganti bulan.. cepetnya..) mo beli lagi, trus nyari seri yang lainnya. 🙂

  3. kak zepe, Says:

    Salam kenal..
    Nama saya Kak Zepe,..Saya penulis lagu anak..
    Juga penulis artikel2 parenting, dan pendidikan kreatif.
    Semua karya saya ada di http://LAGU2ANAK.BLOGSPOT.COM
    Mari bertukar link…

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