Furniture Export Company, Go Online Now.. I mean it..

When I was working on my previous workplace (as a marketing manager), I wondered why they did not want to go online. I asked the director and his answers surprised me.. 😮

  1. We are not a trading company or buying agent, so we do not need a website. We prefer to display our products on an exhibition both local or international
  2. We are not doing retail. We only do export with minimum order on 20 feet container.
  3. We ever had a website (finally I realize that it was on geocities) and pay a lot but who sent us inquiries only from people who wanted to buy 1 or two pieces.
  4. We do not want our design stolen by our competitors.

I told the director and tried to convince him that website is important for his business but he had no interest. So I said to him with…

We should ask our competitors for their reasons for being online

Okay, these are what I want to tell.

  1. Even if you are not a trading company or buying agent, IMHO you still need to promote your products online.
    A website can make your products displayed 24 hours a day 7 days a week (24/7) and you can have everyone in any part of the world sees it. Can you exhibit 24/7 in an exhibition and make people from around the world see your products? I dont think so. You also need to pay a lot for the space in the exhibition.
    I agree for your decission to get buyers and let them see the real products. Make them touch your products. Make the feel how smooth is the furniture because of the proper sanding. But, will you bring all of your collection in the exhibition? No.
    Okay, you can give them catalogues, but what about if you have a new collection every month? Will you exhibit monthly? Will they visit you monthly?Having a website will help your buyers see whole of your products. You are no need to send your buyers CD or printed catalogues that will cost you much. Just email them, let them now the URL for the new products. Email takes only a few minutes to reach your buyers, airmail may takes days.
    Search engines can deliver potential buyers to you. Try this link and you might see your competitors there. Search engines like or will index your website to make it appear on search result related to the search keywords. Once you launch your website, search engine need times to index your site.
  2. You can just notice your visitor with (“Minimum order is on 20 feet container”)
  3. Were you “comparing apples with apples” when you hired the developer?
  4. There are so many web technology to provide a security for your design. There are also so many ways how your design can be stolen. Once you release your catalogues either printed or by CD, they become accessible for everyone. Even you do not release catalogues, someone can take a picture and steal your products.IMHO, the best why to protect your product design is “GET A PATENT FOR YOUR DESIGN“..

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