Sebelas Maret University: Why You Remove The English Version of Your Web?

A friend of mine who is a lecturer at Sebelas Maret University (UNS) and currently is studiying at Japan found a difficulties to find the “English Version” of UNS website because they had launch the newer version of it. He needed the “English Version” of the web, to create a proposal for his current university to longer the cooperation with UNS. He prefered to have the file by only saving from the web rather than he had to wait the printed version posted from Indonesia.

Me as a member of the team who developed the earlier version which is billingual offered him a help by digging the website path by path, but still had no result. Fortunately, I remembered that as a team I also developed the web on my PC and an archive for it. Even I had to setup a server first (the web was written in PHP, so I needed a PHP server), the web finally can be onlined locally therefore I could save the English version and emailed to him. I wish that it is like what he wants.

I am a little bit upset with the current version of UNS website. They remove the bilingual feature. Some of the contents are still the same with the previous one, then why they didn’t do copy and paste to the new one? 👿
They never realize by having a multilingual website (or at least has an English version) can help foreign visitors to learn about the university and it’s offered services.

It will be a silly reason if they do not have a bilingual website because of they have no translator. They can ask UNS Languange Center (UPTP2B) to translate it. In developing the previous website, the team used their services only just by giving them the Bahasa version. I do not know whether or not it is still possible to do that again.

Owned by UNS, I think UPTP2B can give a free service on translating a web for the university. But wait a second.. the website of UPTP2B it self is still not fully billingual..

Then.. what am I talking about..

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4 Tanggapan to “Sebelas Maret University: Why You Remove The English Version of Your Web?”

  1. tonang Says:

    Mr Arief,

    I should say thank to you for kindly sending me the old, english-version of UNS site. Those are very useful in the process of the renewal of the cooperation agreement between the Medical Faculty of UNS and Tottori University Japan.

    I am also sharing my curiosity for no english-version are displayed anymore in the new official site. Where should the problem be? And, yes, this might be only a thing beside the huge problem of pursuing the maintenance of UNS official site. Months ago, a discussion have taken place in the interaction forum of the site. One of the most concern I commented on was about how the system were working in the maintenance of the UNS site. There should be a team who nurses the “cage” and a team to take care of the “bird” that is supplied with the regular flow of updated informations. Do we have those teams in UNS? So far, no official and/or a clear answers have been provided.

    By the way, it might be just a little but annoying thing I might suggest to you Mr Arief. The term of “Bahasa” to refer the “Indonesian” language have been, is and will always be annoying for me. Why wouldn`t you just call that “Indonesian”? For me, it is a strong point of my nationalism. And we, not others, have to maintain the spirit, I believe.


  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Mr. Tonang,

    Thank you for your suggestion. Ah, you are right. We have to maintain the spirits. of natioanalism. I will use “Indonesian” instead of “Bahasa” on my next post. I made this “English” blog is not because I am loosing the spirit of natioanalism, I want anyone who visits this blog can get the information without being limited by the language. IMHO, English is still flexible right now. ( just give me an idea about writing in two language..)

    I also read your post in the forum and saw how people commented about it. The problem is always with the “bird”. Why? Based on my experience while I was in the Internet Service Center, the biggest thing that obstruct the web maintainance is the culture. Some of the management thought that web updating is the job of people in the Internet Service Center. What? How can they be as a manager?
    System Information Department has a reponsibility to update the web. Why? It is because the name. “System Information Department” should handle all the information at the University. They should collect the information and share them to the community. They should responsible with the “bird”. Unless they change their mind that the “bird” can “promote” them, the bird will always be the same or may die.

    I admire Mr. Santo (a FISIP lecturer) who made this wonderful website. You can see how his students are posting their news. UNS should award him. UNS should learn the method. UNS should “hire” the students to bring the update information for the web. Mr. Santo made the students contribute on the web is by offering a point for related subjects.

    UNS can do that also, by offering “something” to anyone who wants to nurse the web.



  3. Jauhari Says:

    Mungkin Mau Go Indonesia jadi Lebih Indonesia gitu 😉

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