For My Wife: It Has Been Four Years And I’ve Been In Love With You


Longer than every fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew
Longer than there’ve been stars up in the heavens
I’ve been in love with you

Stronger than any mountain cathedral
Truer than any tree ever grew
Deeper than any forest primeval
I am in love with you

I’ll bring fire in the winters
You’ll sent showers in the springs
We’ll fly through the falls and summers
With love upon my wings

Through the years
As the fire starts to mellow
Burning lines in the book of our lives
Though the binding cracks
And the pages start to yellow
I’ll be in love with you
I’ll be in love with you


Serving Your Customer

I bought “Soft-bound Fried Chickens” last Saturday for a dinner. I ordered 3 packs of them and I asked the seller to give me chicken chest part, because I do not like any other part. He said “Okay”, so I thought there should be no problem with my order.

No need for me to wait long, the seller tod me that my order is ready and I asked him again to make sure that he gave me chicken chest. I did not open the pack. I paid the bill and went home. My wife opened the pack and asked me whether I ordered chicken chest or not. I checked the pack my self and noticed that the seller gave me chicken haunch instead of chest. I was trully upset with this, but it will not worth if I had to send it back to the seller. I could not stop figuring why they did this to me.

The next day, I bought coconut ices not far away from the chicken seller. I ordered 5 ices and the seller asked me to wait. While I am waiting, the seller gave me a glass of coconut ice and I said to her that my orders is to be taken home. She turn her head and told me that it is a bonus, so I can drink while I am waiting for her to finish my orders.

My conclusion from two stories above is that the chicken seller did not understand my orders or he might ran out of stock of chicken chest and instead of loosing a profit, he change my orders without asking me. I do not like it 😦

Coconut-Ice seller might thinks that better she had a small profit rather then made me wait and do nothing. I remembered when me and my wife bought to coconut ice and she gave me an extra. I said that two is enough, but she asked me to give me the extra to my friends if I am enough with two.

Is her strategy boost her sale? When I bought coconut ice, I looked at other stalls arround hers, and she had more buyers.

What Can I Do With My Nokia 3105?

I bought this Nokia 3105 almost 2 years ago. It is a CDMA phone. Bundled with Flexi, I got Rp 300.000 as a prepaid bonus which given Rp 50.000 per month (until 6 months) plus Rp 50.000 as preloaded bonus. So if i bought the N 3105 at Rp 1.275.000, the price for the phone is only Rp 925.000. Very cheap huh?

Now, I am switching to Fren since their Internet connection is more stable than Flexi.

With My Nokia 3105, I can:

  1. Call and SMS my wife.. 🙂
  2. Sending a missed call..
  3. Download ringtones and images from wap site.. even i have to do this..
  4. Download game and application from Internet
  5. Send and receive email
  6. Chek my Gmail email
  7. Chat using WLIRC
  8. Telnet to remote servers
  9. Read news
  10. Play FIFA 2005
  11. Play Age of Empires
  12. Play Zuma
  13. Play Monopoly Tycoon
  14. Write notes
  15. Record voice
  16. Uh.. there are so much thing I can do with this Nokia 3105..

My wife uses this Nokia 3105 too.. 😀

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Catching Business Opportunities

Last Sunday, my sister in law went to an Internet Cafe to find some references from the Internet for her school subject. I recommended her to use since Google has a simple search interface. She brought no disk either floppy or flash disk.

After she came home from the Internet Cafe, I asked her, “Have you got the references?”. She said that she found the references form the Internet but can not print them because the Internet Cafe has no printer. She told me that she wanted to buy a floppy disk so she can print at home, but the Internet Cafe ran out of stock of it.

From the story above, if I was the operator or the owner of the Internet Cafe, I will provide floppy disk and keep the stock and provide a printer. This is a business opportunity. I can get huge profit from them. If I buy a floppy disk for Rp 2500 each, I can sell it again at Rp 3000 each. How many profit I have per floppy? It is a simple mathematical operation. I will have Rp 500 for each floppy I sell. Do you think I take too much profit? No, I don’t think I so. Rp 500 is not equal with the importance of the data the user get from Internet.

Can you imagine how many profit I got for a month if each day I sell 2 floppy disks?

Break Your Leg Sweetheart

I am very happy today.

My wife thesis is approved by her thesis mentor. If she can present her thesis within next week, I believe that she will graduate from the university next September 2006.

This will complete us.

Our marriage, her pregnancy, a new house and her graduation..

Break your leg sweetheart..

I love us..

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3rd Letter From The Baby

To: My Father

Dear cuty father (Mom says so, dunno ‘cuty’ or ‘cuttie’)…
I feel so warm here inside…
I feel so comfort…
Sometime I can feel your touch
over mom’s tummy every night…
I can hear you’re talking 2 me
b’4 you work every morning,
that’s why I feel I’m not alone
here inside…

Luv you,

*Me, Little Peanut*

2nd Letter From The Baby

To: My Beloved Father

Dear father,

Thousand thanks are not enough
to say to you,
So, just wait and be patient
I’ll soon give you my warmest
hug to your ‘Big’ (Mom says
so) body

I miss you, already

*Me, Little Peanut*