Fried Egg: An egg + a few salt + a few butter + fried + luv = A happy day

We like this meal much.. a fried egg..

Indonesian calls it: Telor Mata Sapi

mmm… delicious..

Friefd Egg

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  1. tonang Says:

    Just a thought!. A yolk of one egg (the yellow part) contains more than 200 mg of cholesterol. The recommended range of healthy-cholesterol level is less than 200 mg/dL in the blood. So, how many eggs we should eat one day? Should we keep the egg off in our daily diet? Is there any suggestion of limitation?

    The reports suggested that even 6 eggs consumption per day would induce insignificant increase of cholesterol level in our blood. There is a sophisticated explanation on these reports. But, the surveys did report that around 30% of population are whom what we call as “cholesterol responder”. For these persons, no more than 2 eggs consumption per day are recommeded since the more eggs in diet would significantly induce the increase of their cholesterol level.

    So, the moderate suggestion is try to keep the egg consumption no more than 2 eggs per day. Even if you are not in the 30% groups, this recommendation would give you better chance of having a healthy life.

    Oh, why should I write this comment that much for this lovely, genuine but yet full of love picture? I am sorry hehehe …. I hope that you can make this information useful.



  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    This is why we like you so much Mr. Tonang. 🙂
    You always have something to comment and always provide many useful information.

    One egg is enough for one day. It covers a whole day and bring a happy day. So my consumtion is only one egg per day. I have a question for you, how many “Puyuh” eggs equal to one chicken egg?

    By the way, I like your phrase sir: “lovely, genuine but yet full of love picture”..

    Thanks for always commenting..

    Have a happy day..


  3. tonang Says:

    An egg of “puyuh” (please let me know the English word for this animal) contains 168 mg cholesterol. This is more than that is contained in the egg of the young hen in the same age but lower than that from the adult ones (which is more than 200 mg).

    The problem is the puyuh`s egg is small enough that you would probably eat more than 3 eggs to get same “satisfaction” as eating the one egg of hen.

    In 10 mg of hen egg, there would be around 500 mg of cholesterol in it. Whereas in the same amount of puyuh`s egg, you will get more than 3500 mg of cholesterol.

    So, please do the rest equations yourself! hehehe …


  4. tonang Says:

    Sorry, there is a silly mistake. Those are writeen as “10 mg of” should be written as ” 10 g”.

    Thanks. (Can I make edits on the posted comments?)


  5. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Uh.. I just eat more than 5 “puyuh” eggs.. Thanks doc for your info..

    I don’t think you can edit your comments. I searched wordpress FAQ but found no result, unless you want to be an editor? Want it?

    Btw, the English word for Puyuh is : Quail. I got it from Google and Wikipedia.
    Here is the link:

  6. Jauhari Says:

    Enak enak enak 😀

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