Real Time Online System: Are you sure?

When Solo wanted to implement Real Time Online System for new students registration for junior and senior high school (PSB ONLINE), I really salute them. I believe that they wanted to provide accurate and fast system for students and parents to know in which school they or their child will be accepted. I believed that they also wanted to remove the dichotomy between private and public school as what they said in the newspaper. I believed also that they will publish real time information – without any delay as written on their FAQ section.

PSB Online FAQ
To ensure myself, I contacted the service center an he said that the system is “Real Time”. Therefore I asked why there is no updated data on the web. He said that the school might upload registration data yet. Then I asked again when will the schools upload the data, and he said it depends on them. As soon as the schools upload the data, the information will be published automatically. What??

I think they do not know the meaning of “Real Time“. What will happen if people start gather information by SMS? It means that they pay for nothing. They did not get real time registration journal. Then, what is the meaning of “Real Time” on their point of few?
Real-time means no delay. As soon as the information entered, the web should updated automatically. In this way, people can get the updated information when they request for any data and pay for nothing.

I am totally agree about implementing an online system for new students registration. This will provide many ways for people accessing the registration journal therefore they can make a right decision on choosing a school with no worry. But what make it unfair, is the word of “real time” is not implemented in the system. School are updating data periodically. Not in real time.

In real time system as soon as school enters new student who want to register, the information are sent automatically to the server and when people access the web or by SMS, they will always get the latest information. I know that it will be so hard to implement this this such kind of system, because it will need a big infrastructure and money of course. But being honest to the public that the information is not in “Real Time” is the best way to satisfy both side, the provider and the public.


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