The Difference Between “Will” and “Be + Going To”

This morning when my wife cleaned our bed room, I read some peace of her students’ worksheets and found about their daily schedule. I asked my wife why she should asked her students to write about it. She said that she wanted to explain the difference between “will” and “be + going to” in a sentence.

Look at these sentences:

[1]. I will watch a movie next saturday
[2]. I am going to watch a movie next saturday

Both sentences tell that the action of “watching a movie” is in the future. So what is the difference? In which sentence you should use them?


The main difference is on the planning time.

When you are using “will” in the sentence, it means that you plan your action at the time you make/say the sentence.

When you are using “be + going to”, it means that you planned your action before.

Here is another example:

The Boy: “Girl, would you please have a dinner with me tonight?”
The Girl : “No, I won’t. I am going to watch a movie tonight”


The Boy: “Girl, would you please have a dinner with me tonight?”
The Girl : “No, I won’t. I will watch a movie tonight”

The difference between the two conversation above is:
Conversation [1], the girl planned to watch a movie before the boy asked her. But in conversation [2], the girl planned to watch a movie right before she answered the boy’s question. 😉

It will be useful if you are talking with a native speaker. Conversation [2] indicates that you are lying.

Thanks to my wife for this short lesson.
I love you.


15 Tanggapan to “The Difference Between “Will” and “Be + Going To””

  1. Jauhari Says:

    wah bingung mas 😀

  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Kenapa kok bingung. Semoga saja tidak bingung dengan bahasa inggris saya ya.. he he he he..

  3. Hermann Golden Says:

    Terjemahan Indonesianya gini kali yah :
    I’m going to the movie (Saya sudah merencanakan akan pergi nonton)
    I will go to the movie (Kalau begitu, saya akan pergi nonton saja)

    Bisa dimengerti? 😀

  4. bathrobe Says:

    Actually, I think that your explanation is only part of the story.

    “I’m going to” indicates that you are planning to do something. And yes, it is likely to indicate plans that have already been made and are in motion. The person is telling you that according to their plans, intentions, and arrangements, this is what they will do.

    “I will” simply announces the intention to do something. It may be hypothetical. It may be in answer to a question (what will you do if?). Or it announces the firm will of the person that they will do something. But it doesn’t necessarily indicate that plans have been made or have been set in motion.

    At any rate, that’s my interpretation.

  5. henry Says:

    i thing your explanation is good, but you must give more example for the students, so that they arnt confuse about it.
    sometime will vs going to,easy if your are teaching using more dialoque,thanks

  6. Reski Says:

    It is somewhat confusing for a non-advanced learner to understand your explanation. You should give more elaboration and examples in order to make it clearer.

  7. Fazword Says:

    Waah, penjelasannya jelas…
    tapi masih banyak juga sih perbedaannya selain di atas:D
    tapi ini akan sangat usefull in our daily life…

  8. Business Says:

    sama kayak Om jauhari bingung 😀

  9. Pandu Aji Wirawan Says:

    will digunakan untuk akan yang baru terfikirkan sedangkan be going to untuk yang sudah direncanakan sebelumnya.

  10. sapa ya Says:

    crazy crazy crazy till you see the sun

  11. orang gila Says:

    aku gila km gila kita semua gila

  12. lo sapa tanyak-tanyak Says:

    berhasil berhasil…HORE!!!

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