Juice On The Street

My wife wanted a “Kebab” yesterday, so both of us went out and and try another “Kebab” stall located at Jl. Slamet Riyadi, near Gladag. I got a flu so we decide to bought from there rather than from Kota Barat. As usual, after buying Kebab we went to buy juice and one of our favorite is “Juice On The Street” that is also located near Gladag. Juice is good for pregnant woman to supply nutritions for the baby. 😉

They offered many fruit juices and we choosed Tomato & Strawberry Juice. Mmm.. that was delicious and fresh. If you want it, just go to Jl. Slamet Riyadi Solo and you will find many juice stalls there, but I prefer stall labelled “Juice On The Street”. I noticed something new on their juice cup. They put a sticker on it. I asked them to give me some sticker because I wanted to put it on my helmet.. 😀 .. and they give me free of charge.

While we were enjoying the juice, 5 teenagers (2 boys & 3 girls) came and bought juices. The are very stylish with coloured hair as well as fashioned dress and shoes, playing mobile phone and laughing loudly.

Suddenly, my wife whispered something to me: “Look at them! They have nothing but the juice sellers have something”. I understood what she mean and I rooded my head.

The juice sellers is not very different in age compared with those teenagers. But they have something to do. They earn money by their self. They know how to satisfy their customers. They know how to sell juice. They know how to make a fresh and delicious juice. They know that they have to stand on their own foot. They know that they have to work to earn money. And I know that they are better to sell juices and earn money from them, rather than begging on the street.

Next time, I will ask their name..


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