My Wife Pregnancy

It has been three months of my wife’s pregnancy and she feels queasy in her stomach and sometimes got a headache too. Generally people call it “Morning Sickness” and it is normal for pregnant women. All I can do is just hold her, touch her stomach and said that everything will be okay. I don’t have a heart to see her.

I made an appointment to a doctor just now and we are going to meet her this evening. It is a regular chek up and we hope that the queasy can be reduced and she can start to drink milk easily. She might a little bored with the routinity of drinking milk. In the first month of her pregnancy, she drinks 2 glass of milk a day, one in the morning and before she went to sleep. But now she can only drink a glass a day, she will feel uncomfortable with her stomach if she drinks milk much.

She tried so many ways to keep drink 2 cup of milks, eg: by closing her nose, change to another milk flavour, or drink at random time to avoid the routinity. This method was good on a few days and everything is back again. I hope that the doctor we are going to meet can gives us some solution for this problem.

The baby needs a nutrition from the mother. Everything that is good for the mother, is good for the baby too. Still, mother need to control the way she eat. Eating little by little is better rather than eating once but huge. This can avoid a queasy in the stomach.

I love you my wife. You can pass this. We can pass this..

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2 Tanggapan to “My Wife Pregnancy”

  1. tonang Says:

    I just can`t help feeling jealous by your quote “I love you my wife … ” Oh, it`s so touching!

    Three months? Oh, time goes by so fast indeed. It seems just yesterday that you were still not sure yet if your wife was really pregnant, wasn`t it? But be sure now that you and your wife will go through all these periods succesfully. Everything is worthy to pursue for your child(ren), isn`t it?

    Good luck for both of you, I am now going to see the first picture of your baby. Sure, it will be more touching!


  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:


    My love is getting bigger day to day doc..

    After we see the baby for the first time, we are start to recollect our journey. Everything run so fast and we are sure now about the pregnancy.

    We are now hoping that everything will be run well. Everything starting from the first time wife felt her pregnancy are for the baby. You are right that everything is worthy to pursue our child(ren).

    Thanks for always give us your best advice doc.

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