Catching Business Opportunities

Last Sunday, my sister in law went to an Internet Cafe to find some references from the Internet for her school subject. I recommended her to use since Google has a simple search interface. She brought no disk either floppy or flash disk.

After she came home from the Internet Cafe, I asked her, “Have you got the references?”. She said that she found the references form the Internet but can not print them because the Internet Cafe has no printer. She told me that she wanted to buy a floppy disk so she can print at home, but the Internet Cafe ran out of stock of it.

From the story above, if I was the operator or the owner of the Internet Cafe, I will provide floppy disk and keep the stock and provide a printer. This is a business opportunity. I can get huge profit from them. If I buy a floppy disk for Rp 2500 each, I can sell it again at Rp 3000 each. How many profit I have per floppy? It is a simple mathematical operation. I will have Rp 500 for each floppy I sell. Do you think I take too much profit? No, I don’t think I so. Rp 500 is not equal with the importance of the data the user get from Internet.

Can you imagine how many profit I got for a month if each day I sell 2 floppy disks?


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