What Can I Do With My Nokia 3105?

I bought this Nokia 3105 almost 2 years ago. It is a CDMA phone. Bundled with Flexi, I got Rp 300.000 as a prepaid bonus which given Rp 50.000 per month (until 6 months) plus Rp 50.000 as preloaded bonus. So if i bought the N 3105 at Rp 1.275.000, the price for the phone is only Rp 925.000. Very cheap huh?

Now, I am switching to Fren since their Internet connection is more stable than Flexi.

With My Nokia 3105, I can:

  1. Call and SMS my wife.. 🙂
  2. Sending a missed call..
  3. Download ringtones and images from wap site.. even i have to do this..
  4. Download game and application from Internet
  5. Send and receive email
  6. Chek my Gmail email
  7. Chat using WLIRC
  8. Telnet to remote servers
  9. Read news
  10. Play FIFA 2005
  11. Play Age of Empires
  12. Play Zuma
  13. Play Monopoly Tycoon
  14. Write notes
  15. Record voice
  16. Uh.. there are so much thing I can do with this Nokia 3105..

My wife uses this Nokia 3105 too.. 😀

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Satu Tanggapan to “What Can I Do With My Nokia 3105?”

  1. RAJAT BOSE Says:

    want to download ringtones from website

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