Serving Your Customer

I bought “Soft-bound Fried Chickens” last Saturday for a dinner. I ordered 3 packs of them and I asked the seller to give me chicken chest part, because I do not like any other part. He said “Okay”, so I thought there should be no problem with my order.

No need for me to wait long, the seller tod me that my order is ready and I asked him again to make sure that he gave me chicken chest. I did not open the pack. I paid the bill and went home. My wife opened the pack and asked me whether I ordered chicken chest or not. I checked the pack my self and noticed that the seller gave me chicken haunch instead of chest. I was trully upset with this, but it will not worth if I had to send it back to the seller. I could not stop figuring why they did this to me.

The next day, I bought coconut ices not far away from the chicken seller. I ordered 5 ices and the seller asked me to wait. While I am waiting, the seller gave me a glass of coconut ice and I said to her that my orders is to be taken home. She turn her head and told me that it is a bonus, so I can drink while I am waiting for her to finish my orders.

My conclusion from two stories above is that the chicken seller did not understand my orders or he might ran out of stock of chicken chest and instead of loosing a profit, he change my orders without asking me. I do not like it 😦

Coconut-Ice seller might thinks that better she had a small profit rather then made me wait and do nothing. I remembered when me and my wife bought to coconut ice and she gave me an extra. I said that two is enough, but she asked me to give me the extra to my friends if I am enough with two.

Is her strategy boost her sale? When I bought coconut ice, I looked at other stalls arround hers, and she had more buyers.


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