Positioning Your Self As A Partner For The Company You Work For

I just read an article on this blog. The author wrote about “Kita ini Enterpreneur, Bukan Karyawan – We Are An Entrepreneur, Not An Employee”.

When I started to work in this company, I always positioning my self as a partner for the company as well as for the boss. This company was my client before, so the boss IMHO still considering me as a partner for the company. In this position, I have the same level with the boss when I had a discussion with him. He treat me as a professional. This make me different from other employees.

Positioning yourself as a partner for the company will make yourself more valuable. Make the company has a dependencies on you, this will you have a bargaining position. What will the boss do if you are valuable for his company?

As a partner for you company, you will see your company as a client that need to be served. You will do your best to make your client happy, aren’t you? If the company has rules for their employees, you will see this as contract rules which will make a financial lost for you if you neglect the rules.

I ever met my friend and asking what is his job right now, and he said “I am just an IT Support”. What? I do not know whether he descended his self or he trully did not proud with his job. I often got the same word when I asked someelse, “I am just…”.
If I were his boss, I will fire him. Why? He did not proud wit his job. If he did not proud with his job, how can he be productive? What will people say about my company if my employees are not proud with his job. All employees represent the company. He represents the company he work for. You represent the company you work for. Me represent the company I work for. Why you stay on your workplace if you do not proud with your job?

If you proud with your job, you will be productive, even it’s still depend on yourself whether you want it or not.

By positioning yourself as a partner, you will work hard to serve your company, because you treat him as a partner. In the other side, the company will see you as a productive employee and you might get a promotion. Promotion means better position and better salary of course.


4 Tanggapan to “Positioning Your Self As A Partner For The Company You Work For”

  1. Guntar Says:

    Well, this is interesting ^_^

    When I am pondering your idea about “positioning ourselves as a partner for the company”, what came out my mind was that this position will somehow set up a spesific way of percepting. By becoming a partner, I get the feeling of distance from our own company; not exactly wearing the same shoe. Being a partner would mean becoming another entity.

    I was then comparing with the idea of “positioning ourselves as the owner of the company”; AS IF I have the shares in the company. With this idea, I get the sensation “being part of the whole”; I am the company, I am part of this entity.

    Klo saya sudah merasa perusahaan ini milik saya, saya akan lebih ndak rela klo ada temen2 yang males2an; apalagi klo saya yang males2an.

    So, do you think we could combine our idea? 🙂

  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Why not? We can combine it..
    But wait..

    By positioning yourself as the owner will give you two options. First, you will become as what you wrote above..
    Second, because you think you are the owner of the company, you will do nothing except supervising another employee 😀

    If I were a partner for the company, I would give my best effort to serve the company which is my customer in order not to loose it. Looking for a client means that we should look for job vacancies huh?

    But I am totally agree in combining our idea..

    Uh.. let me add you on my blogroll..

  3. Guntar Says:

    Well, guess what…

    Come to think of it, supervising another employee is just like a routine for me. But thank god that is not the only thing I do 🙂

    Im adding you to my blogroll too..

  4. Gemilang di Minggu Pertama Kerja « Bintang Tauladan ! Says:

    […] Kemudian, akanlah sangat membantu klo kita memiliki cara pandang bahwa perusahaan tempat kita bekerja adalah client/partner kita; seperti yang disampaikan oleh Donald dan Riefsa. Sehingga untuk memuaskan client, ya kita kudu tahu kebutuhannya apa, yang sifatnya terukur dan berada dalam rentang kendali kita. Dan lantas kita kudu ngerti bagaimana posisi kerjaan kita dalam fungsionalitas keseluruhan institusi, atau minimal departemen. Sehingga di sini client2 kita mjd lebih spesifik dalam bentuk departemen, divisi atau siapapun yang menjadikan hasil kerja kita sebagai input. […]

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