Give us your best shoot sweetheart

My wife is presenting her thesis to the board now & I am waiting outside.
Her thesis analyses translation quality from bilingual/multilingual website. She used the old version of for the sample.
To my wife, give us your best shoot. You can win this. You can pass this. Your graduation will complete us.
We love you.
Me & little peanut always support you. See you soon sweetheart.


2 Tanggapan to “Give us your best shoot sweetheart”

  1. Jauhari Says:

    I hope everything will fine 😉

  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Thank you Mas.

    Alhamdulillah, everything run well yesterday. My wife said that there was only two questions and she can answered them easily, others are suggestions to make the thesis perfect.
    Even she has to revise the thesis, she feels free now because the hardest part of her study had been passed. 😀

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