Little Peanut Picture

This is a USG printout for our Little Peanut. The baby length is 6.5 cm.

It is so funny to know that the baby keep on moving and rolling. The right picture shows that our Little Peanut smiles to the camera.. Cheese.. 😀

Little Peanut 14 Weeks

My wife has been 14 weeks pregnant. I hope that in this second trimester, she will feel comfortable with her pregnancy.

Can not wait to see you again Little Peanut. We will see you next month.

We love you.

You complete us..


13 Tanggapan to “Little Peanut Picture”

  1. tonang Says:

    Great! I am sure she will be allright. Second trimester should be the most comfortable period women have during their pregnancy. But then, please be careful that these could also be the risky period that the woman to some point behave like the other unpregnant women.

    It is not difficult to say that yes they are more or less as normal as the unpregnant women. No nausea, no vomiting, feeling of more being “one” with the baby, being active as if nothing changes in their body, and so on. But deep inside, the risk is always there.

    So, enjoy your pregnancy, but keep in mind not to be too happy hehehe …

    Warm regard for your wife and baby,


  2. tonang Says:

    Mas Arif,

    If that is allright for you, I would rather suggest not to use the “little peanut” term. You and your wife of course have the reason. It is just crash to my mind, that we should try another term.

    What if “Little Angel”? “Little Star”?

    It is just a suggestion though.

    Be good!


  3. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Mr. Tonang,

    Your information is useful for me. I will let my wife now about it.
    She is very happy with her condition, but sometimes feels uncomfortable on her back.
    Even she does not want to drink milk, the doctor said that it can be changed with ice cream..he he he.. and my wife like ice cream much..

    Okay.. Little Peanut..
    We met this phrase while we were watching a Pregnancy documentary. My wife sometimes slide a little message on my lunch box and always said that Little Peanut wrote that message. 🙂
    There is no special reason why we are using this phrase. Using this phrase make us remember how small our baby at the first time. Can you imagine how amazing a baby grows?

    I just can not stop to say thank you to Alloh for blessing us which this wonderful life.

    Thanks you doc.

    Nice to know you.

  4. wa2n Says:

    dear rief…
    four your baby, your wife, or your family..

    ya pokoknya selamat deh.. semoga lancar semua…


  5. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Dear wa2n,

    Pengantin baru apa kabar? Masih ngoprek di kampus apa gantian ngoprek yang lain? 😀

    Amin amin amin. Doakan ya semua semua lancar.


  6. Guntar Says:

    I know nothing about pregnancy. I just hope everything is gonna be awrite 🙂

    anyway, “Little Peanut” is a cute nick, but it isnt gonna be the name, is it? :mrgreen:

  7. Feri Adriyanto Says:

    That’s fantastic !!!
    Becoming pregnant is one of the most exciting things that can happen to your wife, and yourself. Therefore, the Javanese culture will be giving us some restriction of your live. However, you must be remembering about Al-Qur’an and Sunah Rasul as religious guidance of Muslim.


  8. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Dear Guntar,

    Someday you will know about pregnancy too. I know nothing about pregnancy at the first time. As time goes by, there is no reason for me for not learning about pregnancy. Fortunately a friend of mine is a doctor, so I can ask him about pregancy. Many thanks to him for his advice.
    Browsing on the internet helps me too. There are a lot of resources regarding pregnancy and parenting which we can read them freely. I also read pregnancy related books and magazines.

    Same as you, I also wish that everything will run well, please pray for us also.
    Btw, we will not use “Little Peanut” as a name. This is the way we call the baby for now. So small and so cute. 😀


  9. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Mr. Feri,

    Pregnancy and the baby birth are fantastic and amazing. This make me and my wife really grateful to Alloh. We feel blessed.
    Javanese culture maybe gives restriction. I can not disregard it. Javanese culture occured by long time and frequent experience, isn’t it?
    Keep praying to Alloh and ask for the best is all we can do.

    Please wish the best for me and my wife.

    Thank you sir.

  10. Ade Aan Wirama Says:

    Nice picture, have you ever try 4D USG? i have try once for my second son, not so clear but nice to see him in different dimension.

    Best regards for you and your wife
    Ade Aan Wirama
    Coding for Humanity

  11. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Dear Ade,

    I think this is the fist time I hear the term 4D USG. I do not know whether or not the doctor has this tool. If yes, I will ask her to do this. It will be great if I can see the baby in many position.

    Thanks for your information.


  12. Tonang Says:

    I`m afraid, the 4-D USG has not yet available for public services in Solo Mas Arif. As a doctor, what I thought worth to say is in priciple, no significant added values the 4-D could give in term of baby and her mother health. The 4-D add the term of “real-time” in its resulted capture (or rather be a “movie”). In that case, the parent-to-be could have a chance to record the baby as if they watch the “movie” of their baby`s life in the womb.

    It`s interesting for sure, especially for the parents. Unless there`s a strong suspicion of doubtful anomalies or disorder on the baby, the doctor will get no more valuable datas by using 4-D, since tha datas could be provided by the earlier generation of USG machines.

    What I want to assure you is nothing you should worry about or be disappointed with just because your baby not having a chance to be monitored by 4-D USG. Should the chance is there, then it`s your happines.

    Ok, be sure!


  13. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    I found a USG service place when I went to buy Soto at Widuran Solo last weekend. This place offers regular USG, 4-D USG, Cancer USG and many more. I just wrote the phone number because the place already closed.

    Last week, I found a study result about the effect of USG on baby brain development. It seems that this study is an answer for Tom Cruise who bought USG device for his wife, Katie Holmes.

    My wife checks her pregnancy monthly and always asks for USG. I think once a month is enough to know the growth of the baby. Beside that, the doctor always gives us many information regarding the USG result and the pregnancy. Maybe I will try for 4-D USG if (like you said) there is a chance. I do not pursue too much on this. The important thing for both of me and my wife are the pregnancy is good, the mother is fine, and the baby is health.

    The baby is the real shows, isn’t it doc? 😀


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