Indonesia Now on Metro TV

“A fresh look at current events and the culture of Indonesia is now available to viewers around the world.

Metro TV has launched a new weekly half-hour English-language program titled “Indonesia Now,” aimed at providing an objective view of the country and region. The show debuted on September 1.”

During my “TV-Channel walking” 😀 when I watched TV last night, I found something new on Metro TV, a program named “Indonesia Now”. This program is in English and inform about Indonesia current issues. The news presenters, Kania Sutisnawinata and Dalton Tanonaka, speaks in really understandable and clear English. Their pronounciation helped me to understand the message and of course I can improve my English listening ability.

If you want to know Indonesia current issues narated in English language, just stay tune on Metro TV every Friday at 7.30 until 08.00 PM. Other English news program can be watched everyday at 07.30 AM, that is Metro This Morning.

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4 Tanggapan to “Indonesia Now on Metro TV”

  1. Hematt Shorega Says:

    November 17 – 2006

    Hi, Would you please tell me, in order to watch Metrotvnews
    Indonesia now from New York City, what channel that I would open and what time.
    I appreciated your reply and thank you very much.


    Hematt Shorega

  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Dear Sir..

    Thanks for visiting my blog..

    I am not sure about watching MetroTV News from Satellite TV, but you
    may check that is a paid online tv streaming

    You may also check Indonesia Now website at The program shows every Friday
    07.30-08.00 PM (West Indonesia Time).

    Hope that help..



  3. Queentries Regar Says:

    i really enjoy watching Indonesia Now.
    Especially the way Kania runs the show.
    Both Kania and Dalton Tanonaka are great,,remarkable,gorgeous news readers.

    Yours faithfully,
    Queentries Regar

  4. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Hi Regar,
    Even I do not watch the show regularly, I have the same opinion as yours. I give the show and the presenters two thumbs up..

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