Jogja Furniture Show

Jogja Furniture Shows

Finally I have to go to exhibit company’s products at Jogja Furniture Show, October 13-17, 2006. Since all marketing staffs are positioned for Resource Indonesia – also known as PPE (Pekan Produk Ekspor) – at Jakarta Expo Kemayoran, I have to represent them at Jogja until Jakarta show ends.

As my agreement with the company, I will take my wife to help me at the booth and all acommodation are paid by them. Actually I left marketing job since 6 months ago due to I prefer to work on IT, but the company asked me to left IT for a while and go to Jogja for an exhibition.

First time offer was I should go to Jogja and back again to Solo everyday, the company provides me a driver, but I think it will not cost effective and time consuming of course. I will be easily tired for the 2×1.5 hours trip. So the win win solution is I take my wife to Jogja to help me exhibit and stay in Jogja until “the real marketing” comes from Jakarta.

If you are in Jogja and want to see my company’s products, you may visit booth A-18 (PT. Indonesia Antique) at Jogja Expo Center. I will display furnitures made from Railway Sleepers (Bantalan Rel Kereta Api).

Have you ever imagine what it’s looks like?

Visit us there..

7 Tanggapan to “Jogja Furniture Show”

  1. tantos Says:

    wusyah, kenapa kok kayu itu dinamakan bantalan Rel?
    * karena itu mengambil (=nyuri) dari rel miliknya PT. KAI

  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Ow.. bukan nyuri lho..
    Pure karena tender..
    Lagian bantalan rel dari kayu kan sudah tidak dipake lagi😀

    He he he he…

  3. pepeng Says:

    saya jg ikut pameran juga..kok ga ktm ya..??.hehehhe

  4. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Saya di booth A18. Anda di booth berapa?
    Coba nanti saya lihat lagi katalog pameran JFS.

  5. Cafe Says:

    Hello good .. hehehe🙂

  6. kak zepe, Says:

    Salam kenal..
    Nama saya Kak Zepe,..Saya penulis lagu anak..
    Juga penulis artikel2 parenting, dan pendidikan kreatif.
    Semua karya saya ada di http://LAGU2ANAK.BLOGSPOT.COM
    Mari bertukar link…

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