Little Peanut Picture: First Step to The Future

First step to the future. Yes, as shown on the right picture, you can see Little Peanut’s leg. Sometime I can feel the baby kicking when I touch my wife’s belly.

Baby weight is 480 gram. On her 23 weeks pregnancy, we could know baby’s sex. Since the baby keep on moving, the doctor could not see this. So we have to wait until the baby grows and has limited movements.

First Step to The Future

We love you Little Peanut. We will see you again next month.

Always have a great day inside. We are here for you..


3 Tanggapan to “Little Peanut Picture: First Step to The Future”

  1. bhowo Says:

    mo jadi bapak neh…. 😀

  2. yudhi cihuy Says:

    hehe..slamat jadi calpak yah.. 😛 calpak–calon bapak 😛

  3. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Makasih bhowo.. makasih Yudh..

    Doain ya semua lancar..


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