The Difference Between “Like” And “Would Like”

Here is another English lesson from my wife. It is about the difference between “Like” and “Would Like“.

You can see the difference from two sentences below:

[1]. I like to drink a cup of coffee.

[2]. I would like to drink a cup of coffee.

Thanks to David B Dale for the correction.

On the sentence [1], “like” means for a long term. Either for now or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I still like to drink coffee.

“Would like” on sentence [2] means for a short term. I like to drink coffee only at that time (or after) I said that.

Have questions or feedbacks? Please do not hesitate to write down below.


7 Tanggapan to “The Difference Between “Like” And “Would Like””

  1. davidbdale Says:

    That’s a good lesson, and entirely correct as far as it goes.

    More colloquial English, though would be:
    1) I like to drink coffee.
    2) I would like a cup of coffee.

    I hope you don’t mind the extra advice.

  2. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for your advice. It is good to know the “colloquial English” since I am not native.
    The post has been revised.

  3. Suprapto Says:

    what about this sentence. Do they have different meaning on their “like”s??

    “I would like to present my high gratitude ….”
    is that the same as
    “I’d like to present my high gratitude….”

  4. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    They have no differences.

    I + would = I’d

    You may remember that we can change I + will into I’ll

  5. Victoria Says:

    I just wanted to say hello from Norway, I followed a link on the WordPress front side.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  6. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu Says:

    Hi Victoria.

    Thanks for visiting. I am from Indonesia and it’s rainy here.
    I just open your blog, but can not understand the language. 😀

    Have a nice day too…

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