4th Kentingan Physics Forum

4th Kentingan Physics Forum will be held in Solo, July 28, 2007. This event will focus on Renewable Energy Development.

As written on their website:

Kentingan Physics Forum is a biannual conference on Physics and Its Application. 4th KPF will be held in Surakarta, Indonesia in July 28, 2007, focus on Renewable Energy Development. This conference provides a forum for the Indonesian and international community to meet and discuss topics related to renewable energy development. In addition the conference attempts to reformulate the direction of energy development in Indonesia.

The conference focuses on both renewable energy development and applied for energy. The conference will cover Material Physics, Electronics and Optical Devices, Applied Acoustics and Vibration, Applied Geophysics, Environmental Physics, Medical Physics and Computational Physics. We are welcome to accept other topics related to renewable energy.

More information about this event can be found at http://fisika.uns.ac.id/kpf04.

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