Ingin Jadi Marketing di Perusahaan Ekspor Furniture?

Ini bukan informasi lowongan pekerjaan lho.

Saya menulis artikel dalam bahasa Inggris di blog Indonesia Furniture Exporter. Berisi tentang dasar-dasar komputer apa saja yang dibutuhkan oleh marketing ekspor furniture.

Jika Anda ingin bekerja atau mempekerjakan orang sebagai marketing furniture berorientasi ekspor, ada 10 kemampuan dasar komputer yang dibutuhkan untuk mendukung aktivitas Anda. Silahkan meninggalkan komentar untuk menambahkan point-point baru. Tapi nanti ga 10 lagi ya.. hehehehe 😀

Artikel saya berjudul: 10 Basic Computer Skills For Furniture Marketing Officer.

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Tugas Quality Control

Tugas Quality Control itu sederhana kok, yaitu

 Tidak me-Reject barang yang bagus dan tidak meloloskan barang yang jelek.

Walaupun tugasnya sederhana, tapi HOW TO-nya yang tidak sederhana.

You Going Where? Mudik..

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin

Semoga Alloh menerima semua amal ibadah kita. Amin.

Arief & Keluarga

Indonesia Furniture Exporters Directory

Finally I announce that the website (or blog?) for Indonesia Furniture Exporters Directory is launched. Still under minor changes, but this website is ready to use.

If you are an Indonesia Furniture Exporter, feel free to add your company profile there to make more chance to be founded by buyers.

The website address is

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Jogja Furniture Show: The Result

Since I could not write a blog post in my last day at the Jogja Furniture Show, I write this resume after back to the office.

The 3rd day:

I made no sale. Yes, the visitor was decreasing and only few visit my booth. Some of them were asking about price and material but none drop order, only left business cards and asked for product catalogue. Marketing department should emails them for orders follow up.

The 4th day:

Packing. Last day in Jogja. My duty is only for he first tree day. The “real” marketing staff came from Jakarta that morning. I only went to the exhibition to transfer buyer informations to her. I gave her the log-book and explained some information and prices. After Mr. Rizwar (a nice guy from production who had been work with me from the first day) arrived at the booth, both me and my wife went back to the hotel.

On the way to the hotel, we go to “Gudheg Bu Citro” to buy gift for both family at Klaten and Solo. We had a dinner the night before and the taste is good. We ordered two packs and would back to take the order two hours after.

I took a taxi from Solo because it is cheaper than using taxi from Jogja to Solo. Waiting for only 1.5 hours, the taxi came and we checked out from the hotel and came by to “Gudheg Bu Citro” to take our orders. In the journey to Solo, we stopped to buy “Bakpia” and “Kue Moci”.

Reaching Klaten, I asked the driver to go to my parent’s house to give them the gift (Gudhed, Bakpia and Kue Moci). We did not stay long there because the taxi was waiting and I had to go to the office first to give sales money to finance department.

Finnaly.. home sweet home.. We arrived at the house at 14.30..

That’s all for the Jogja Furniture Show Result..

And now..

I am back to my job again..

As an IT Support and continue my software..

Great… 😀

Jogja Furniture Show: Second Day

Second day.

I should receive a payment for 1 pcs Coffee Table that is €250 1 pcs Coffee Table, 1 pcs Dinning Table and 4 Dinning Chairs, that is USD 940.

Ups.. I have it just now.

It’s must be my lucky day..


Jogja Furniture Show: On The Spot

I arrived at Jogja this morning, and now I am writing this post from the booth.

Some buyers are only screening for products and may be back again on next day. It is a usual thing on the first day. Hope next day will bring more buyers to our booth. Looking around, I am amazed with many unique ideas by other exhibitors. How they display their products and arrange their booth.

I have my wife beside me, so she can help me answering buyers questions while I am busy with others.

Again, if you are in Jogja come on. .

Visit our booth number A-18 at Jogja Expo Center.